2019 Presidential Election – Blue Dawn Monitoring

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Have you already made your choice, for voting?

The citizens of Ukraine are thought to choose the candidate, their future President, – Yulia Timoshenko, but Vladimir Zelenskiy is stepping on the toes. According to Blue Dawn Monitoring (February 2019), more than 4,000 people of different age groups(over 18), gender and different locations of living took part. It is important to notice that mainly interview was taken through the phone calls and the average amount of time talking was 6 minutes.

According to the data, 21,3% of votes will go to Yulia Timoshenko if the election happens on Sunday. Yulia Timoshenko is an absolute leader, followed by Mr Zelenskiy with 17% of votes and by Mr Poroshenko with only 10,8%.

Yulia Timoshenko has a strong support from the all part of Ukraine, so 21% West, 24% Centre, 18% South and 19% East. In the same time Mr. Zelenskiy takes just 9% West, 18% Centre, 21% South and 16% East, wile Mr. Poroshenko has 16% West, 11% Centre, 6% South, 8% East. Overall, it is strongly noticed that Yulia Timoshenko has the widest variety of votes over Ukraine.

It is hardly not to see the competition which is going between Yulia Timoshenko and Mr Zelenskiy , but in the all pie charts and different diagrams Yulia Timoshenko is taken over and seeks to run the country with all its legitimacy.

The 2019 presidential election is coming, more of Ukrainian citizens must make a decision.

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