Presidential election 2019

Опубликована: 31 Март, 13:22


Today, March 31st, means for Ukraine that all polling stations were open at 8 a.m. People are voting all around Ukraine for a President.

Polling stations are open from 8 a.m till 8 p.m.(8.00-20.00)

However, in Mykolaiv, the city in the South part of Ukraine, contraventions are already fixed. (noticed by the group  “Mykolaiv: Supervisors 2019” , which wrote the report in Facebook)

Let’s make some examples:

-Mykolaiv, polling station #128, bulletins are fixed in a smaller amounts that voters are reported in the list. 2183 of voters against 2163 bulletins.

-The polling station #129, the danger of transferring the bulletins to 3td person. Behind the voting booths- dressing room, so bulletins can be easily giving to anyone.

-Polling station #128, no seal of booths is found, so supervisors decided to do so when the voting time has already started.

-In the list were found 6 people living in the specific area, however, 12 bulletins were giving for that house.

-The polling station # 132 where the voter damaged the bulletin and still threw it to the booths. The police was called out.

-One of the voters got an invitation some days ago, but coming today to the polling station have not found his name. Therefore, the voter is not able to vote at all.

-The polling station # 129 where the voter is caught up during the transferring his bulletin to other person, for ticking out “the right president”.

The polling station #127, where one of the electors is named 2 times in all bulletins.


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