The next President Poroshenko is impossible

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The dramatic changes will push Ukraine to a direction of growth, trust and non-corruption.

The latest scandal is related to a massive profiteering from the war against Russia by the group of well-connected businessmen and politicians. It is strongly proved the need of a new leader in the 2019 presidential election.

The video explains the whole scheme.

The son (Igor Gladkovskiy) of a close business partner (Oleg Gladkovskiy) of President Petro Poroshenko was selling smuggled Russian parts to Ukrainian defense factories at higher price, approximately in 3-4 times. The irony is that factories were those which his father oversaw as deputy head of Ukraine’s Security and Defense Council.

The official report from the Defense Sector announced that in the end of 2014 55% of spares were produced in Ukraine, 35% was bought from Russia and 10% from other. However, less than in 6 months statistic was changes significantly, so 70% was produced in Ukraine and 30% was bought from abroad.

The independent National Anti-Corruption Bureau has started an investigation. But it is highly unlikely that the detectives will complete it before the election and, even if it eventually lays charges, prosecutors and judges are mostly corrupt. As all the members of the group are directly connected to Mr Poroshenko.

Let explain the scheme:

? Oleg Gladkovskiy is the First Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council and the clothest friend of the President.;
? Igor Gladkovskiy is a son of Oleg Gladkovskiy, using his ability to call to his father all the time, named JUNIOR;
? Vitaliy Zhukov is a friend of Igor Gladkovskiy, a faker in many areas, helping to register documents and use corruption for helping to his process;
? Andrew Rogosa is a famous faker, specialised on smuggling(free trade) ;
? Pavlo Bukin is a Head of UKR Defence Prom, listens to Olwg Gladkovskiy and tries to pleasure his son (Igor) with nice news;
? Evgeniy Shevchenko is a secret agent of NABU on Mondays, but on Thuesdays he is an investor to this scheme;
? Petro Poroshenko (the President) is a close friend of a creator, businessman and politician , Oleg Gladkovskiy .

Unfortunately to Ukraine, there are many highly important reasons why Petro Poroshenko cannot actually become the next President. The reasons mainly are:

1. Despite nearly five years’ mandate, Poroshenko has not dismantled Ukraine’s corrupt system of government or taken on the oligarchy.
2. Poroshenko has not upheld the rule of law by removing corrupt judges, police or prosecutors, and replacing them with bullet-proof law enforcement institutions. There has not been one high-profile accused convicted in Ukraine, nor charges laid against the odious former President Victor Yanukovych and his henchmen.
3. Poroshenko has not protected reform-minded ministers or officials from harassment or obstacles by oligarchs, corrupt government officials, larcenous politicians, and organized crime. His former ministers of finance, infrastructure, and economic development have quit in frustration or are under attack like acting health minister Ulana Suprun.
4. Poroshenko has failed to create and protect a free and unfettered press by forcing oligarchs, criminals, and powerful vested interests to divest their media assets.
5. Poroshenko has failed to instigate or support the removal of immunity for members of parliament, who “sell” their seats and votes which is the basis of political corruption in the country.

The hazard of the scandal is that Petro Poroshenko will help the corruption again and again due to his old friends being offended. The allowance and continuation of corruption leads to tragedy — the naked body of a young activist lawyer was fished out of a river in Kyiv, her name was Iryna Nozdrovska and another corruption victim was activist Kateryna Handzyuk, who died a slow, horrible death , and many others.

Help Ukraine to stop voting for corrupted politicians and be in the ‘shadow’ of corruption. Let change Ukraine, let make it better.

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